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Why Work With Us


Our consultants are experts in their field and a connection is only made when it makes sense and after detailed and specific technical assessment is passed with flying colours. The skill sets you are after are the skill sets we match you with. Simple.

Great People

We deliver great people who do great jobs. All of our consultants engage in a thorough screening process that takes into account values, attitude, education, culture and communication to ensure that above their technical competence they are going to be a great addition to your team.


We are so confident in the connections we make that with every engagement we offer you a risk-free trial. If at that stage you aren't happy, don't worry about it. We'll cover the cost and you can move on or get another Milestone consultant on-board and begin the same risk-free trial again.

Seamless Communication

To start with, we ensure that every step of the way we communicate as seamlessly and openly as possible. On top of this, every time we connect you with a Milestone consultant we ensure that their communication is as good as ours. We don't like barriers and work very hard to make sure this isn't one.


We believe a flexible and agile offering provides the best possible opportunity to scale your business. For this reason we ensure your ability to ramp up or ramp down your Milestone team can happen quickly. By quickly we mean really quickly. We can do this in days, not weeks or months.


At the end of the day your bottom line is important so we've figured out a bunch of ways to save you money. For some clients this is upwards of $1 million a year! To do this we ensure our pricing is simple, straightforward and nothing is hidden. Also, you can stop worrying about employee benefits and get back to doing what it is you need to do.

Team Focus

Projects are typically delivered by teams, not individuals, and we understand the need for these teams to operate effectively and on common ground. So each and every connection we make has team culture in mind. We ask questions like, What does your team need? Who do they need, what skill sets, what attitude and how can we deliver that? We find answers and provide you with the most appropriate connection as a result.

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