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Milestone IT is a new, quick growing network of the most talented consultants in Australia. We specialise in finding talented consultants as well as building dynamic teams that will work efficiently and seamlessly integrate into your business.

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Are Australians Adapting to the Rapid Growth in Hot-Desk Environments?

To Hot-Desk or Not ? This seems to be an ongoing topic around the water cooler. If you are unsure of what the term hot-desking is, it’s when you don’t have a fixed office desk or working space. The once sacred office cubicle of solitude adorned with family photos is now entering its last days with company’s adopting a shared-desk environment.


What is expected from Australia and Cyber Security in 2017 ?

On a global scale, Australia is currently a goldmine for overseas hackers; our vulnerability towards cyber attacks in unquestionable. It seems the international perception of Australia is we have a relaxed attitude to life and therefore a relaxed attitude on cyber security, meaning we are the perfect victim for cyber warfare. In 2016 we saw an increase of hacks and cyber attacks hitting our shores. This lead to our government to focus on the cyberspace security in 2017.

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