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Milestone IT is a new, quick growing network of the most talented consultants in Australia. We specialise in finding talented consultants as well as building dynamic teams that will work efficiently and seamlessly integrate into your business.

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How to Find Out a Companies Culture in 6 Easy Steps

Company culture is one of the key features in choosing your next work place. When speaking with candidates, around 90% are looking for the right workplace environment as opposed to a higher salary.


Five Areas Of Growth Within the IT Industry in 2017.

The growth in the IT sector in 2017 is predicted to be 2.9% with the economic gain to be at $3.49 trillion. This year has seen continual growth within IT and has also seen the introduction of new technologies to the consumer market. As more new technologies are being created there is a need for more IT specialists to focus on such areas as development, analytics and security. Here are 5 areas of IT which are predicted to boom in 2017.


A beginner’s guide: How to handle identity theft in a Social Media environment.

Identity theft isn’t a new term it’s been around for years, though now with 1.75 billion people actively using Facebook per month we have become more susceptible to the online version of the crime. The increase in online identity theft can be attributed to the fact we now capture and add all aspects of our lives onto social media platforms though little do we know there may be an online "creeper" watching our every move.

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