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Artificial Intelligence: Should we be more afraid of AI taking our jobs or our own human identity?

by Lavina Harte, 29-08-2017

The technology landscape is constantly changing and in all honesty, when I look back on my 31 years I can say I'm grateful for having experienced life without the World Wide Web. For those born into a culture whose online addiction is fuelled by a need for instant information and gratification, there isn't much reprieve in sight. You see the abilities to learn for ourselves seems to be lost along with the season 3 winner of American Idol.

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How is IOT Making our Lives Easier?

by Lavina Harte , 05-06-2017

You may not be aware but IOT is already a part of our everyday lives. The interaction of our smart devices with the Internet is allowing for our lives to be constantly shaped by the data our devices record. We take a look at how Australian's are benefitting from the Internet of Things.

Is it All Bad? Preparing for the Upcoming Automation Era.

by Lavina Harte, 25-05-2017

Humans are continuing to grow their reliance on technology as each year passes but as we enter the realm of commercialisation of cyborgs, are we ready to work side by side with our robot counterparts? We’ve seen it all before in the movies; we build the technology, we work alongside the technology and then they surpass our intelligence and ultimately take overall control and we work for them. This may be a grim outlook on our future but could this possibly be the reality? Are we on the brink of a 4th industrial revolution?

Are Australians Adapting to the Rapid Growth in Hot-Desk Environments?

by Lavina Harte , 12-05-2017

To Hot-Desk or Not ? This seems to be an ongoing topic around the water cooler. If you are unsure of what the term hot-desking is, it’s when you don’t have a fixed office desk or working space. The once sacred office cubicle of solitude adorned with family photos is now entering its last days with company’s adopting a shared-desk environment.

Learn What are the Trending Developer Skills in 60 Seconds.

by Lavina Harte, 06-03-2017

The beginning of 2017 has seen growth and demand for developers in the Australian tech space. Milestone IT has seen specific growth in roles for IOT Developers, Mobile App, JavaScript, Ruby and UX/UI.

What is expected from Australia and Cyber Security in 2017 ?

by Lavina Harte, 24-02-2017

On a global scale, Australia is currently a goldmine for overseas hackers; our vulnerability towards cyber attacks in unquestionable. It seems the international perception of Australia is we have a relaxed attitude to life and therefore a relaxed attitude on cyber security, meaning we are the perfect victim for cyber warfare. In 2016 we saw an increase of hacks and cyber attacks hitting our shores. This lead to our government to focus on the cyberspace security in 2017.

How to Find Out a Companies Culture in 6 Easy Steps

by Lavina Harte, 15-02-2017

Company culture is one of the key features in choosing your next work place. When speaking with candidates, around 90% are looking for the right workplace environment as opposed to a higher salary.

Five Areas Of Growth Within the IT Industry in 2017.

by Lavina Harte, 10-11-2016

The growth in the IT sector in 2017 is predicted to be 2.9% with the economic gain to be at $3.49 trillion. This year has seen continual growth within IT and has also seen the introduction of new technologies to the consumer market. As more new technologies are being created there is a need for more IT specialists to focus on such areas as development, analytics and security. Here are 5 areas of IT which are predicted to boom in 2017.

A beginner’s guide: How to handle identity theft in a Social Media environment.

by Lavina Harte, 04-11-2016

Identity theft isn’t a new term it’s been around for years, though now with 1.75 billion people actively using Facebook per month we have become more susceptible to the online version of the crime. The increase in online identity theft can be attributed to the fact we now capture and add all aspects of our lives onto social media platforms though little do we know there may be an online "creeper" watching our every move.

Reasons why businesses should support IT growth in Australian schools?

by Lavina Harte, 29-07-2016

The current growth rate of the Australian IT sector is at an all time high, with current predictions from top accounting firm Deloitte showing an increase of 150% in mobile application development, this year alone. This growth of the IT sector has seen a significant spike in the IT job market; the problem that come with this is the Australian workforce does not have the large number of skilled IT workers to fill these roles.

Software Vs Human Connection in the Recruitment Process

by Lavina Harte, 09-05-2016

Over the past 10 years recruitment has changed dramatically. The introduction of the internet has opened the doors for recruiters to recruit via websites, job boards and social media. In the past 3 years there has been a growth in the usage of recruitment software to help companies save both money and time in the overall process

5 Tips On Getting Your Resume To Stand Out An A Competitive Job Market.

by Lavina Harte, 03-05-2016

There has been a steep incline of job seekers entering the market. With Hiring Manager's receiving hundreds of resumes per day ,it's become harder to find ways to stand out amongst the crowd. There are small adjustments that you can make to your resume that will get you ahead. Here are some tips from Milestone IT.

Gen Y and the Millennials: The Future of our Work Force

by Lavina Harte, 27-10-2015

Not willing to learn, not willing to gain experience and wanting the world at the push of the enter button on their mobile phone. Is this the future of the Australian work force?

​The Power of Social Media in Politics

by Lavina Harte, 21-09-2015

When the news broke last Monday of the Liberal spill most of the Australian population heard the news via an online media source. This begs the questions, how important is it for our leaders to engage the public via social media?

The Career drive

by Lavina Harte, 31-08-2015

When it comes to decision making within our career we are constantly forced to choose our pathway early on in life.

​An Internet Privacy Affair

by Lavina Harte, 21-08-2015

With the most recent events involving the hack of dating website Ashley Madison, the age old topic of how protected are we against Internet hackers has returned to the foreground.

​IAD: is this the new trend?

by Lavina Harte, 17-08-2015

Last week I got connected. I’ve recently moved to a new place and I’ve been without ADSL Internet for over a month. It’s been pretty challenging.

What is a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?

by Lavina Harte, 31-07-2015

The Myers-Briggs test has been around for over 80 years and is still used as part of the hiring process to this day.

How to stay focused at work and utilise your time wisely.

by Lavina Harte, 20-07-2015

To help stay more focused in the office here are some changes to implement to your day and surroundings.

Looking for a job? How to keep your recruiter on side

by Lavina Harte, 14-07-2015

Job-hunting can be exhausting; especially when we don’t hear back from an Agency. Here is some inside information on how to keep a happy relationship with your recruiter.

​It’s all about the font

by Lavina Harte, 15-06-2015

Resume writing 101, use a font that is professional and easy to read.

5 ways to make sure you hire the right person

by Lavina Harte, 12-06-2015

Hiring the perfect candidate can be a tiring process; here are 5 tips to help save you time and money on finding the perfect employee.

Raining contract jobs

by Anna Pastukhova, 04-03-2015

The global economic ‘climate’ change has had a great impact on the job market, making it more unstable and unpredictable. Many companies no longer have the capacity to predict and forecast years ahead, therefore they can no longer base their hiring decisions around long term goals.

All I want for Christmas is a good front end dev

by Anna Pastukhova, 27-11-2014

To succeed in business, you have to do the opposite of what everyone else does. This is why Christmas is the best time for securing really good quality IT talent for upcoming projects.

Planning for growth – new financial year reward strategies

by Anna Pastukhova, 15-07-2014

The success and growth of any given company lies in direct correlation with its’ employees’ levels of determination and achievement. In order to ensure company, it has now become common practice to offer bonuses as a form of gratuity for the achievements, progress and loyalty.

Is work killing you?

by Anna Pastukhova, 30-05-2014

The development of mobile technologies over the last decade has brought us to a place where we can check our emails, answer phone calls, reply to messages and queries virtually from any location and it’s as though our work hours have been extended to around the clock.

IT Jobs - 100% FAT FREE

by Anna Pastukhova, 01-05-2014

Looking for the right job is like finding a diet; you always aspire to become an individual from a magazine cover, with a perfect lifestyle and a perfect status. The recent increase in demand for IT contractors might mean that now could be the right time to get your perfect fit.

School, what is it good for?

by Anna Pastukhova, 02-04-2014

Being a programmer is one of the fastest changing job descriptions in the world. With consumer demands pushing IT companies to reinvent themselves at astronomical speeds, educational institutions are failing to provide technical knowledge that is up to date with the industry requirements.

Australia's path to market oppression

by Anna Pastukhova, 21-03-2014

Each week 300 internationals step off the planes in Australian airports to pursue a career within the Australian job market. This number is yet to increase since employers will now be able to hire an unlimited number of foreign workers under the 457 visa.

Culture to change: we need more women in IT

by Anna Pastukhova, 17-03-2014

International Women’s Day, celebrated over the weekend serves as a good reminder to think of the number of women working in Information Technologies. According to the 2011 ABS data there are currently only 18.5% of women to 81.5% men working in IT.

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