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Reasons why businesses should support IT growth in Australian schools?

The current growth rate of the Australian IT sector is at an all time high, with current predictions from top accounting firm Deloitte showing an increase of 150% in mobile application development, this year alone. This growth of the IT sector has seen a significant spike in the IT job market; the problem that come with this is the Australian workforce does not have the large number of skilled IT workers to fill these roles.


Software Vs Human Connection in the Recruitment Process

Over the past 10 years recruitment has changed dramatically. The introduction of the internet has opened the doors for recruiters to recruit via websites, job boards and social media. In the past 3 years there has been a growth in the usage of recruitment software to help companies save both money and time in the overall process


How to get your resume to stand out in a competitive market

The Australian job market has been rising for the past year and with more job seekers entering the market each year. We need to be savvy in trying to find a way for our resume to stand out from the pack.

There are small adjustments that you can make to your resume such as design, font, key words, use correct you correct skill set that will put you a head of the rest.

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